The History of 'JAM4JIMIs FRIENDS'


I am writing this story to tell you about how a very special fundraiser got started.

In 2007, I was in a difficult financial position and needed a hand to get my son Jimi into a much-needed clinic for his Asperger's Syndrome. I,  a bartender, asked my high school friend, a drummer in a band,  If I had a fundraiser, would your band play?

From there it was a whirlwind of friends, acquaintances, and total strangers lending a helpful hand. The Logo was designed on a napkin; a patron who just happened to be a graphic designer volunteered time and made it a reality. The final logo was emailed to me within two hours. My faith in humanity was never so strong. We went from one band to ten bands; people came from all over with raffle prizes to help earn money. Friends created tickets and posters and everyone lent a hand. Every time I turned around someone else was helping out in some way. Jimi and I were so blessed to have all of these people open their hearts to us. 

Needless to say, the money was raised and then some. Jimi has been enrolled in the Empowered Learning Center since two weeks after the 'Jam 4 Jimi' in 2007,  and he is doing extremely well. He currently is mainstreamed in the second grade and they are looking to advance him to the third grade early. He has been given a second chance and has amazed us all with his strength and unwillingness to give up! I have since learned that the strength of a child is so inspiring.

There was such an overwhelming feeling of love and selflessness in the room that it was overpowering. I decided right then and there that we needed to keep the spirit of giving going and do it again. This time the funds would be donated to other children in need. That is when a 'Jam 4 Jimis Friend' was created.

The first was held in March of 2008, and was held to benefit 2 local needy families, as well as providing scholarships to 'Camp Happiness', a local summer camp for special needs kids, allowing their parents to continue working. This years recipients are listed on the main page, as well as their Bios. Once again, Camp Happiness will get scholarships as well.

Jimi & I, as well as ALL the wonderful volunteers, wish to thank you for all your assistance.


Kristin & Jimi Wright