A Non-Profit group helping kids with
special needs in the Milford CT area !

We've been at it non-stop for 9 years, and We're still going strong.
We just had our 9th annual Jam at the Orange Ale House, and the
good work will continue !

SPECIAL GUESTS, 'Empire City Garrison, the 501st'

with Kris Wright & Chris Powers, your Official Hosts for this Gala Event

The Official Jam Archivist, Phyllis Powers, being held captive!

(She's the Cute one!)

Here's some stuff you might be interested in:

PICTURES fro the March 1st, 2015 Jam
by Phylis Powers

(337 PICTURES !!!)

The Whole Story
(How it got started)

The 'Bands' of 2015

PICTURES fro the March 2014 Jam
by Phylis Powers


Still working on more stuff!

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